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Series 35 ACM

A new level of performance and a vast array of finishes to transform your creativity into reality


Lift and slide

Continuous air seal

Interior glazing

Double or triple glazing

Thermally broken

Insect screen available

Mechanical keyway


Comprised of a top PVDF coated (0.5mm) and back aluminum coil sheet (0.5mm) and a lightweight yet durable (3mm) Fire Rated mineral core mechanically bonded together using an automated patented proprietary bonding method.


Immaculate evenness combined with advanced fabrication methods leave no oil-can appearance commonly seen with plate panels.

Fire Rated Core

The patented ‘Fire Rated’ mineral and polymer binding agent that forms the panel’s core serves as a fire barrier to prevent flame propagation over the exterior face of the system, vertical flame spread within the core, lateral flame spread from the compartment of fire origin to adjacent spaces.

Ease of Installation

Panels are installed with a clip and fastener system. There is no need for a wet seal application which could be messy.

Series 35 ACM Testing and Certification

By using only the best tested and approved technologies in the industry our products will continue to lead the way in testing standards for years to come.

ICC ES Evaluation Report (ESR-4261)

CAN/ULC S134 Standard Method of Fire Tests of Exterior Wall Assemblies

NFPA 285- Fire

ASTM E84 – Smoke

ASTM D1781 – Bond Integrity

ASTM C297 – Flatwise Tensile Strength

ASTM C666 – Freeze Thaw (Coming Soon)

Series 35 AAMA 508.1 Report

  • ASTM E330  – Structural Performance
  • ASTM E283 – Air Leakage
  • ASTM E331 – Water Penetration Resistance – Static
  • AAMA 501.1 – Water Penetration Resistance – Dynamic
  • ASTM E1233  – Pressure Equalization