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Alucomb® Panels

Nature’s most efficient and sturdiest design


Lift and slide

Continuous air seal

Interior glazing

Double or triple glazing

Thermally broken

Insect screen available

Mechanical keyway

Over 250 Colours and Patterns to Choose From
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The hexagonal structural core provides strength and consistent rigidity at extremely low densities. When bonded to similarly lightweight face materials, every honeycomb cell wall acts as an I-Beam, forming an extremely strong yet remarkably lightweight composite panel.

Automated Manufacturing

Alucomb’s fully automated manufacturing facility can make custom honeycomb panels with no irregular curvatures, imperfections, or inconsistency at up to 62” in width and 244” in length.

Long Span

Depending on the nature of the finish, up to 10 meters of panels can be produced each time with the patented automatic manufacturing facility machine.


Vast Array of Available Finishes

Stone, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized iron, and other non-ferrous materials.

Alucomb® Testing

By using only the best tested and approved technologies in the industry our products will continue to lead the way in testing standards for years to come.

ASTM C297 – Flatwise Tensile Strength