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Innovation & Technology

With building regulations becoming increasingly challenging in markets around the world, we endeavor to meet tomorrow’s standards today
The Future of Our Technologies

Waterproofing & Energy Efficiency

In the last few years, there has been a sharp increase in demand for energy efficiency in the exterior building envelope industry. Not only do all of our window wall systems come with either double or triple IGU’s, we have also increased our thermal break from the conventional industry 24mm to 40mm to increase efficiency and meet those demands.

Future of

Our design philosophy is to meet tomorrow’s expectations. Grandview is continually researching and manufacturing technology that is at the frontier for efficiency and safety. We strive to work with you to create a sustainable future.


Testing Standards

An Industry Leader

Grandview is on the forefront to drive higher industry standards. We are proud of the fact that our products are consistent with, if not surpass, current building code standards.


Fire Retardant

Alucolam Technology

As concluded by Industry testing experts, Alucolam’s fire retardant capabilities far exceed industry standards and performs within the strict guidelines of NFPA 285.


Weight & Strength

Series 35™ Technology

The hexagonal structural core allows for exceptionally light-weight panels that retain the original strength and consistent rigidity of solid panels. 

We recognize that each project is unique.