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GV Operable Vents

Designed to work flawlessly with Enermax 150


Lift and slide

Continuous air seal

Interior glazing

Double or triple glazing

Thermally broken

Insect screen available

Mechanical keyway

Available in Dozens of Beautiful Finishes
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Enermax 150™ Compatible 

Designed to fit with the Enermax 150 window wall seamlessly.

Versatile Design

Choice of SSG, Non-SSG, Casement or Awning windows. Painted finishes (PVDF) in standard and custom choices.


Ease of Glass Replacement

Designed to be internally glazed to avoid using swing stages in case of replacements which could be costly.


Premium Hardware

3-point locking mechanism around sash frame. This ensures the window is tightly compressed when closed at 3 locations.

GV Operable Vents Testing

By using only the best tested and approved technologies in the industry our products will continue to lead the way in testing standards for years to come.


AAMA 501.15 – VR18076 Window Wall Mock-Up Summary

  • ASTM E330  – Structural Performance
  • ASTM E283 – Air Leakage
  • ASTM E331 – Water Penetration Resistance – Static
  • AAMA 501.1 – Water Penetration Resistance – Dynamic
  • AAMA 501.4 – Seismic and Wind Induced Inter-Story Drifts (Horizontal)
  • AAMA 501.5 – Thermal Cycling
  • AAMA 501.7 – Seismic and Wind Induced Inter-Story Drifts (Vertical)

* NAFS Results will be available soon

Details, Specifications & Data Sheets

SSG Awning Vent Detail (Coming Soon)

SSG Casement Vent Detail (Coming Soon)

Non-SSG Casement Vent Detail (Coming Soon)

Non-SSG Awning Vent Detail (Coming Soon)

Enermax 150 – Operable Vents NAFS Report

Design & Colour

PPG Duranar Colour Guide