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Grandview Folzen™

Smart Folding Doors

Sleek, solid design that is customizable to enhance the appearance and performance of your home


Lift and slide

Continuous air seal

Interior glazing

Double or triple glazing

Thermally broken

Insect screen available

Mechanical keyway

Available in Dozens of Beautiful Finishes
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Smart Design

Folding doors excel at bringing in natural sunlight and folds upon itself to allow for maximum wall opening while taking up only a small amount of space.


From the number of panels, configuration, length of span, the folding door is is flexible in the type of tracks and finishes.

Superior Durability

Our rod-assembly technology makes installation simple and also boast superior durability to the piece-assembly type.


Premium Hardware

Heavy duty mortise lock allows the door to be opened and closed at high frequency. It’s high durability characteristics renders it to perform better than the conventional cylinder lock or unit lock.

Folding Door Testing

By using only the best tested and approved technologies in the industry our products will continue to lead the way in testing standards for years to come.

Folding Door Test

  • ASTM E283 – Air Leakage
  • ASTM E330  – Structural Performance
  • ASTM E331 – Water Penetration Resistance – Static

FZSF-40 Folding Door Detail (Coming Soon)

FZSF-50 Folding Door Detail (Coming Soon)

FZSF-57 Folding Door Detail (Coming Soon)

FZSF-60 Folding Door Detail (Coming Soon)

FZSF-65 Folding Door Detail (Coming Soon)

FZSF-70 Folding Door Detail (Coming Soon)