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Panel Systems

Complete pressure equalized panel systems with internal ventilation slots and weep holes to fully control and exfiltrate water and air moisture from the system, consistent with our rain-screen design
Series 35 ACM

Grandview’s Series 35 ACM is a compartmentalized system comprised of Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) known for its rigidity and flatness. Our ACM panels are weather resistant, and use FR (fire retardant) core, making them one of the soundest choices of building material in the industry.

Series 35 AL

Available in 3mm and 4mm thickness, the Series 35 AL provides a sharper look and offers design flexibility. Aluminum pieces are malleable and can also be painted to match almost any colour.

Alucomb® Panels

Our Alucomb series are modeled after nature’s most efficient and sturdiest design, the honeycomb hexagon. Available in both aluminum and beautiful stone finishes offer timeless and elegant designs.

Design & Colour

To unlock the greatest amount of artistic freedom for our clients, we offer a premium fluoropolymer system containing 70% Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) proprietary resins. In addition, specialty finishes such as metallic, woodgrain, and stone patterns are available


Quality in Fabrication

At Grandview, we focus on our products’ quality control and performance capabilities with the utmost attention. With designated Grandview QC personnel to inspect every panel, we are confident to provide reliable products for your building envelope needs.


Trust, Dedication and Innovation

With motivational leadership and creative projects, we have forged a competitive and goal-oriented work environment for our team to take initiative and navigate the future of the industry.